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NYC’s Top Pharmacy for Medical and Surgical Supplies

Whether it is hospitals, labs, or clinics, the healthcare industry needs a huge assortment of high-quality medical & surgical supplies to support patient care. Viable equipment supply is not only crucial for hospitals to save lives but also to drive cost-efficiency. Surgical supplies us is a company that specializes in providing the best medical and surgical supplies online in NYC.

We are the best surgical and medical supply pharmacy in NYC, and a trusted vendor partner of some of the top healthcare institutions. Healthcare staff must consistently have high-quality medical supplies to guarantee operational excellence. We understand that any interruption in their services can have serious consequences. That is why; our online medical equipment store is always ready to service hospitals and clinics with life-saving gear, whenever they need it, at reasonable costs. They can easily buy medical equipment and surgical supplies online, in wholesale, which will be delivered right to their doorstep. With a well-stocked and huge distribution center, combined with fast delivery services we can cut costs of inventory management for healthcare facilities significantly.

Extensive Range of Essential Surgical Supply and Medical Equipment

Made with state-of-the-art technology, and sourced from top medical supply vendors around the country, our products speak volumes of our dedication towards better healthcare. Have a look at our extensive range of equipment at the best prices in the market. Take your pick.

  • Medical Equipment
  • Laboratory Equipment
  • Orthodontic Supplies
  • Medical Office Patient Supplies
  • Nursing Home Supplies
  • Healthcare Supplies
  • Podiatrist Supplies
  • Office Supplies
  • Disposable Surgical Gloves and PPE Kit

Order Durable Medical Equipment and Discount Medical Supplies

We are the best online medical supply store that offers essential durable medical equipment (DME) for comfortable post-surgical and palliative care. Our services are geared towards facilitating quick recovery for patients and enabling them to reach their health goals. We provide life-saving products that can help patients get effective treatment and care post-surgery with lesser chances of infections.

You can find the best medical and surgical supplies online or at our supply store in NYC, at a discount and wholesale rates.

We pride ourselves on industry-leading customer service. Our trained and experienced staff is ready to address all your queries regarding the selection and procuring of medical equipment for a patient. Based on the patient’s requirement, their surgery, and current limitations, we can provide you the best product fit. Take a look at our in-stock products to order. You can also let us know about your requirements, and we will source them for you from a trusted medical supply vendor.

Get products effortlessly, and in excellent working order.

Maintain Compliance with Industry Standards

Healthcare professionals need to procure good quality and accurate medical equipment from a good supply company. Just like hospitals, they have to remain compliant with various Federal health care laws and regulations.

We enable private practices, and professionals like occupational therapists, podiatrists, physiotherapists, orthotics, and dieticians among others to comply with these regulations with the best office supplies. With a consistent supply of high-quality medical equipment, we enable them to serve the community effectively. So, despite lockdowns and uncertainties, you can expect next to zero inventory troubles, when you partner with the best medical and surgical supply store in NYC. We offer free next-day delivery for orders above $250.

Our customers will vouch for our services.

Safety Protocol at Our Warehouse & Office

Adding extra hand sanitizer in break rooms, meeting rooms and other shared spaces.
All of our staff members provided with masks and gloves to protect themselves, each other, and you.
We’re also requiring staff members to work remotely when possible and appropriate.
Encouraging our staff to closely monitor their health and well-being and recommending they stay home if they, or someone in their household, are sick.

Frequently Asked Questions

They are specially designed instruments and equipment used during surgeries, as well as in minor procedures in ERs. This can include surgical tables, kick buckets, surgical caps, scalpels, surgical blades, forceps, scissors, and gauzes, among others. These items can be made of stainless steel, and other metals and alloys like titanium, palladium, and Vitallium.

These are medical supplies and equipment used by healthcare providers on a regular and long-term basis. These include wheelchairs, hospital beds, crutches, oxygen equipment, and blood sugar testing kits, among others. DME meets the following criteria:

  • They can withstand repeated use (durable)
  • Used for patients and medical purposes
  • Used in-home care and hospice care
  • Has a lifetime of at least 3 years

DME suppliers are licensed as per the State laws and regulations. These types of equipment are also covered by various insurance companies.

Yes, some of our medical supplies are returnable if found unsuitable. Please check the terms and conditions of our return policy.

Yes, we provide home delivery for our customers. For orders above $250, we enable next-day free delivery.

To ensure the quality and safety of surgical supplies, it's essential to purchase from reputable suppliers and check for certifications and approvals from relevant regulatory authorities. When seeking nursing exam materials ( Questions and Answers ) or sleep meditation app, make sure to use trusted sources and read user reviews to evaluate their quality and effectiveness.

Podiatrists treat foot conditions such as corns, calluses, bunions, infections, ingrown toenails, and injuries. They use several medical types of equipment for that, such as wound care and dressings, padding and felts, burs, abrasive caps, discs, splints and supports, and more. These are known as podiatrist supplies.

Yes, our wide range of surgical and medical supplies consists of pediatric office supplies as well, to cater to their needs. We source pediatric and neonatal electrodes from the leading pediatric DEM medical supply vendors like 3M Medical Products and Philips Medical Systems. You can also buy pediatric gowns, splints, and disposable latex-free exam table papers in various sizes.

Our surgical gloves are procured from leading names like Biogel, DermAssist, DermAssure, Prestige, and Triumph. We offer both latex and latex-free surgical gloves for convenience. While latex offers durability, flexibility, and comfort, latex-free gloves have great resistance to abrasions and needle sticks. Moreover, they are suitable for people with latex allergies.

Yes we do provide that. We provide specific tools and supplies for microchanneling procedures. You can consult a dermatologist or skincare specialist for more information on microchanneling.

Just visit our site and login with your credentials. Add the products you wish to buy to your shopping cart. Provide details like quantity, contact information, address, and payment information. You can avail of multiple payment modes, and pay securely through an encrypted gateway. We will provide you a timeline of order delivery along with other details on your email ID, after successful payment.

If you are looking to buy sanitizers and PPE kits online in NYC, visit and take a look at our extensive range of products. Choose and pay online and your order will be delivered to your doorstep. We also offer masks and infrared thermometers that are now categorized as essential medical supplies.