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The first surgeries are believed to be have taken place almost 5,000 years back in the Neolithic and Pre-Classical ages. Although, surgery as we know it did not come develop until the 1800s. But even in these surgeries, the outcome wasn’t always great because of the high risk of infection. In fact, until the late 1800s, a person affected by appendicitis was not expected to survive if the appendix burst.

But surgical procedures have come a long way from then. In a survey conducted on 844 hospitals, it was found that even a highly complicated surgery such as esophagectomy (removing all or part of the esophagus) has an expected survival rate ranging from 88% to 98%.

One of the reasons behind surgeries becoming so successful are the advancements in the medical procedures and knowledge. But that’s not all. The use of high-quality, specialized surgical products has also helped in making surgeries considerably safer and successful. So, it is best to not compromise on the quality of your essential medical supply. For getting the best surgical supplies online, choose Surgical Supplies US.

The Best Surgical Supplies


Syringes/needles are one of the most common medical equipment. In fact, over 16 billion are used each year. That also means not using the good quality syringes can cause injuries and infections. We provide hypodermic syringe/needles of various medical supply company, including Terumo Corp and Henry Schein Inc. You can also purchase Terumo s SurGuard®3 safety hypodermic needle from us. It has 3 modes of activation, thumb, finger, and hard surface. Additionally, we provide electrosurgical needles made of tungsten, insulin syringes, as well as biopsy needles.

Patient Gowns

Another essential medical supply we offer a wide range of, is patient gown. All the gowns offered by us have a great design. This makes treating and examining the patient incredibly easy for the doctors and nurses. We offer patient gowns with features such as elastic cuffs, neck ties, waist ties, latex free and multi-layer composition. We also offer gowns which are fluid resistant. Additionally, you can get gowns in different colors and for patients of different age groups.

Patient Slippers

At our surgical supply store, we also offer patient slippers from multiple medical supply vendors including Alba-Waldensian Inc, Medline Industries, Graham Medical, and Principle Business. You can get shower slippers as well as safety slippers from our pharmacy supplies store.

Apart from these, you can also purchase other surgical products from us such as surgical gloves, applicator cotton, absorbent pad, tray covers and drape sheet.

Why We Stand Out

At Surgical Supplies US, you can be assured of getting the best discounts on medical supplies. We have a massive 30,000 square feet facility in Westbury Long Island, NY for surgical supplies. We use cutting edge technology at this distribution center. Along with this, we have close ties to many leading medical equipment manufacturers and hospital supply company. This helps us in keeping our prices competitive without compromising on quality.

But that is not all. Along with great prices, you can be assured of great customer service, easy return policy, secure encrypted ordering and free next day delivery for orders over $250. So, whether you want to buy wholesale medical supplies for your hospital or nursing home, choose from our online catalogue!
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