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Medical Equipment

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A Cutting-Edge Medical Equipment Store

The quality of medical supplies and equipment play an important role in the quality of services offered by a hospital, nursing home or healthcare services provider. A variety of equipment are used by doctors, diagnostic centers, and surgeons to assess the medical condition of patients and give them the right treatment. To ensure that the diagnosis is correct, and the appropriate treatment is given, healthcare providers seek the best and most durable medical equipment.

Choosing the Right Medical Care Equipment

We are an established medical equipment store that offers superior quality products at reasonable rates. We have a colossal distribution center in Westbury Long Island that good quality surgical supplies, dental lab equipment and medical laboratory equipment. You can find all details of the products like price, brand or manufacturer, warranties being offered, and after sales services on our webstore. Our team of professionals have experience of more than 15 years to help you make the right choice. For these reasons, we are considered the best medical supply company by the hundreds of customers we have serviced so far.

Types of Medical Supplies

Choosing the right healthcare equipment for your healthcare facility is crucial to providing efficient services. Constant innovations and technological advances have led to the development of newer variants of existing products. Equally important is to choose a strong hospital supply company that can make your inventory management more efficient and cost effective. When you buy medical equipment online, browse by the type required, like diagnostic, surgical, electronic, and storage.

  • Diagnostic: These are used to diagnose a person’s health condition and identifying any abnormalities. Laboratories and medical check centers require medical imaging machines such as x-ray, CT scan, ultrasound, MRI scan and echocardiography machines to check the health of a patient. Diagnostic centers or labs also have doppler, pulse oximeters, stethoscopes, thermometers, and several other instruments to carry out certain tests.
  • Laboratory Equipment: This is widely used in diagnostic laboratories and medical clinics. The category includes instruments to take blood, urine, and other samples to check the patient’s various health parameters. Some common ones are blood gas analyzers, electrolytic analyzers, blood collection supplies, drug testing analyzers, urinalysis analyzers and syringes.
  • Electronic: This category is used to monitor heartbeat, oxygen levels, and other important parameters of a patient. Pacemakers, holter, defibrillators and monitors for blood pressure and heart rate are widely used.
  • Surgical: Most hospitals need surgical supplies to operate on a patient. This category includes surgical tables, instrument tables, Mayo stands, kickbuckets, leg supports, surgical caps, gauzes, scissors, and forceps.
  • Durable Medical Equipment: This category includes products suitable for long-term use, like wheelchairs, walkers, canes, crutches, hospital beds, ventilators, and traction equipment.

You can also find items like minor procedure trays, wound and skincare kits, monitoring equipment, non-surgical instruments, scalpels and surgical clamps. SurgicalSupplies.Us is the best place to buy medical equipment online. We provide high quality products at prices that fit into the most discerning budgets. We also ensure secure ordering, fast delivery, and industry-leading customer support from a highly trained and experienced team.

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