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Nursing Home Medical Supplies

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Nursing homes are an old and vital part of elderly care in America. They have been present in America ever since the early settlers from Great Britain came to these lands. Around 10% of people in America between the age of 75 and 84 stay in a nursing home for 5 years or more. Additionally, 10% of the people of this age group spend 100 days or less in nursing homes.

But for nursing homes to provide effective medical care, it needs high-quality medical supplies. If the supplies work how they are intended to, the safety of patients is increased. Plus, the time required for using them is reduced. Better quality supplies also reduce chances of failure and wastage. So, if you are looking for reliable nursing home supplies without compromising on quality, choose from Surgical Supplies US.

Wide Range of Nursing Home Supplies

We have a 30,000 sq ft. Distribution center located in Westbury, Long Island. This allows us to keep a wide range of products. Our range of nursing home medical supplies includes:

  • Syringe/Needles

We provide hypodermic syringe/needles of multiple vendors including Henry Schein Inc and Terumo Corp. We generally provide them in boxes of 100 needles/syringes. You can also purchase Terumo s SurGuard®3 safety hypodermic needle from us. The 3 modes of activation are thumb, finder, or hard surface. It also has needle and hub locks for post activation security. Plus, it provides a firm injection feel.

  • Catheters

Our medical supply company provides catheters from a wide range of vendors including Spacelabs Medical, Henry Schein Inc, Lynn Medical, Midmark Corporation and GE Medical Systems. We provide different types of catheters as well such as Foley catheter, Intermittent Catheter and HSG catheter. These usually come in 10 or 12 per case.

  • Surgical Gloves

We provide surgical gloves from many leading brands such as Biogel, Triumph, DermAssist Prestige, DermAssure and SensiCare LT. You can buy gloves made using latex as well as latex free gloves. All the surgical gloves provided by us are powder free. Gloves dusted with powder can pose a risk of infection. When buying gloves from us, you can be assured that you would get gloves which are durable and easy to wear.

  • Infrared Thermomter

You can also get high quality infrared thermometers from our online surgical supplies store. These thermometers can provide a reading in 1 second from a distance of 2 inches. This minimizes the risk of infection.

Apart from these, we provide a range of other nursing home supplies as well, including table papers, drapes, COVID-19 kits, bandages, gauzes, blood pressure systems and face masks.

What Sets Us Apart

Our mission is to be a surgical supply store which provides reliable and affordable equipment. For reducing the costs, we use cutting edge technology. We also provide detailed information about all our products on our online store for surgical supplies. This helps our customers in making more informed decisions. Along with this we provide industry leading customer service, free next day delivery on orders above $250 and secure encrypted ordering. So, order now for all your pharmacy and surgical supply needs!
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